The Poska 12 property is located in the historic Kadriorg district and is considered an environment of high-esteem. The property is adjoined by an area of wooden houses on one side and 3- and 4-story wooden buildings and funk style stone houses dating back to the 20s and 30s on the other side. 

The architecture of the building draws from the historic wooden architecture that is characteristic to Kadriorg and its volumes.

The designed building has four floors and has been divided into four smaller sections. One of the staircases in the building will have an elevator.

The four sections of the building will receive a finishing in different colours of infused wood lining. The sections will be in contrasting colours – two sections will be dark and two light. The intermediate part between the four sections will be made of glass. Galvanized metal sheet will be used for the roof. The apartments will come with glass-walled verandas.

Parking spots shall be on the 0-floor and in the yard.  

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