This house on the Poska street, which lies next to the Kadriorg Park, offers a chance to live in a great environment in one of the most desirable districts of Tallinn. This is where the romantic and nostalgic settings of Kadriorg meet with the bustle and abundance of opportunities of the city centre. The Kadriorg Park is located right next to the house, the Swan Pond, Kadriorg Palace, KUMU museum, Russalka beach promenade, lovely cafes and excellent restaurants are only a short walk away. Entertainment, culture and various means of sport will now become integral parts in the life of your family members. 

The new residential building with spacious apartments will be situated on one of the most esteemed streets in Kadriorg, as the Jaan Poska is street is known for its rich and delightful milieu. 

The 4-storey house has been divided into four smaller sections according to cardinal points ā€“ north, south, east and west. The north-west to south-east glass staircase gives the building an airy feel. 

A smart house solution will be integrated to all apartments, which makes it possible to regulate the heating, air-conditioning, ventilation of the apartment, as well as open the front door of the building and monitor the consumption of heating, water and electricity ā€“ all via a smart phone. A great number of other convenient solutions can be added to the system.

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